American Car Service


We are a Proud American LIMO Service!


Preferred Limo was created by Limousine Professionals that were tired of seeing the industry lose track of what a Limousine service is all about. Many companies claim to care about their customers. In reality, all they cared about was the $$. Many services are just glorified taxi’s in a nicer vehicle.


What is the difference between a Limo service and a Car Service? We sometimes will use the words “Car Service” in marketing or advertising because the public is unfamiliar with the difference between the two and is most recognizable. We are a limousine service with car service rates.

First let’s look at who is behind the wheel. Car services hire “drivers”. All they need is a clean license and they are good to drive. No formal training is needed or provided. Many times the driver has little or no experience transporting passengers. A limousine service employs Chauffeurs. All our drivers must first undergo a background check with the State Authorities. They must obtain a “Chauffeurs License” and provide verifiable experience references. Then they must go through our training program which focuses on Safety, Comfort, Navigation, Defensive Driving and Chauffeur Etiquette. Once they complete all this, they are put on Probation for a Period of 30 days. Our Management constantly monitors their driving habits via our vehicle tracking system.

Next let’s look at the vehicles. Car services will utilize any vehicle, same as uber or lyft does. Maintenance is usually when something breaks or needs replacing. A limousine service utilizes vehicles that are roomy and proven to be the most dependable and comfortable vehicles on the market. Lincoln Town Cars, MKT’s, Large SUV’s and stretch limousine’s usually make up a limo service fleet. We have service centers on contract which service our vehicles weekly & monthly to reduce the odds or breakdowns.

Then there are amenities offered. Preferred Limo offers beverages and snacks in every vehicle Free of charge. Our stretch limousine’s are always stocked with ice, beverages, snacks, champagne glasses and tumblers, high powered radios, TV’s and DVD players. Hourly rentals are always provided with a Free Bottle of Champagne. Oh, did we mention that Limousines are the ONLY vehicles that passengers are allowed to drink alcohol in??

Limousine services are highly regulated. We must carry a minimum of $1.5 million in insurance, be incorporated and abide by NJ MVC & D.O.T. rules & regulations. Many car services need only to be registered in the Municipality they reside in. 


We ** Guarantee to be On Time – Every Time or the Ride is On US! Our Chauffeurs are trained to be at their destination at least 10 minutes prior to scheduled pick up time. passengers receive an automatic text message when the Chauffeur is in route to their location and when they arrive.At Airports & Cruise Ports the driver will keep in contact with the passenger to guide them to the most convenient pick up point. Our chauffeurs will always assist with luggage and any special requests you may have. Think of them as your concierge.