Atlantic City International Airport is a smaller airport in our area, but it is an important one to note! ACY hosts just a few airlines but has access to over 100 destinations across the world. This means if you’re traveling from anywhere to have fun in Atlantic City, you can count on Preferred Limousine to transport you from ACY Airport to your destination safely. Likewise, if you’re traveling from anywhere in Monmouth County or Ocean County and you’d like a ride to the airport, you can call on Preferred Limo’s airport limo or car services.

Today, all airports in the U.S. have TSA screenings to ensure your safety during travel, and ACY is no exception. The NJ & NYC Port Authority stress the importance of security during your traveling plans. Pack your carry-on in layers so that you have easy access to technology, liquids, and your identification to expedite the security process. The sooner you can get through security, the sooner you can be on your way to enjoying your trip!

If you’ve travelled before, you know that airports run flights on a strict schedule, yet they are not always exactly right. Delays can happen, so it’s important to keep track of your flight information. Preferred Limousine will do our part when taking you to ACY airport by providing real-time updates on flight information. We have an application that allows us to track your flight which enables us to provide you with the correct gate information and departure time. You can kick back and start relaxing as soon as you get picked up by Preferred Limousine. We’re happy to take you to and from Atlantic City International Airport – call now to book your reservation.

Airport car services for Atlantic City International Airport are:

$120+gratuity from Monmouth County

$110+gratuity from Ocean County