Newark Airport Limousine & Car Service

Traveling from Monmouth or Ocean Counties to Newark Liberty International Airport can be a challenge if you aren’t readily prepared. Here’s a brief guide to get you around Newark so you can be on time for your flight and enjoy your trip. Remember, a great start to each trip is not having to worry about parking – ride with Preferred Limo’s airport car service anywhere in NJ.

Newark Liberty is made up of three terminals, named simply A, B, and C, that serve more than 30 different airlines. Preparation is key to getting through the airport fast. And with thousands of people walking through the airport each day, your preparedness can save you time when it’s most necessary. One tip from the Port Authority for NY and NJ is to pack your carry-on in layers to ensure readiness at security. If you can quickly gather your identification, liquids, and computer technology to take out for specific screening, you’ll move right through the line in no time.

Once you’re through security, find your gate before anything else. Airports run on strict timelines, but they aren’t always on time. If you’ve ever flown before, you know that flights can be delayed or can board early. Check in with your gate as soon as you can to ensure you have the most current information. Preferred Limo will help you out along the way by tracking real-time flight information so we can point you in the right direction as soon as we arrive at Newark Liberty International Airport.

Our airport limo drivers will pick you up in New Jersey, New York or Philadelphia.


Airport car services for Newark Liberty Airport are:

$130+gratuity from Ocean County

$125+gratuity from Monmouth County