John F. Kennedy International Airport has been a leader in aviation since its first flight in 1948. This airport is massive! It is massive in acreage (4,930 acres), runways (30 miles), and commerce ($37.3 billion annually). The central terminal in itself is 880 acres and is the middle ground for six terminals. There’s plenty of room for you to explore before or after your flight from JFK Airport, but we are here to ensure you have a great traveling experience.

Preferred Limousine offers limo and car services from Monmouth and Ocean Counties to JFK Airport or from JFK Airport to any city in NJ or NYC. Our large fleet offers you a variety of vehicles to choose from, but if you’re heading out for vacation, why not ride to the airport in a limo? No matter which vehicle you choose, hiring a professional transportation company will make your airport travels easier. First, you don’t have to worry about choosing one of the 15,000 parking spaces available because Preferred Limo will drop you off exactly where you need to be. We’ll take that one step further… Preferred Limo has access to a real-time application to track your flight. This means that the moment you leave our door, you’ll be armed with the appropriate gate location and most current time of departure.

The Port Authority of NY and NJ are huge advocates for travelers’ safety. This means TSA will be waiting and ready for all travelers to pass a security check. To expedite this process, it’s recommended that you pack your carry-on bag in layers so that you can readily remove all liquids, technology, and identification. The more prepared you are, the quicker it will go. Then you’ll have extra time to find your gate and explore the vast airport before taking off on an adventure.

So whether you need transport from NJ to JFK Airport or if you’d like a first-class service to take you from JFK to your NJ destination, call on Preferred Limousine for your airport limo or car services.

Airport car services for JFK International Airport are:

$170+gratuity for Monmouth County

$175+gratuity for Ocean County