If you’re looking for a great National airport that is large in size but not overwhelmingly crowded with international travelers, then LaGuardia Airport in NYC is the spot for you. With four terminals and over 15 large airlines, you’re sure to find great deals for your U.S. travels.

While LaGuardia is a great idea for traveling nationally, let’s think about traveling locally for a bit. Getting to and from the airport can be a difficult task, so kick back and relax while Preferred Limousine chauffeurs you in a car or limousine to LGA. You’ll get first-class amenities like complimentary snacks, water, and entertainment. Plus, you’ll avoid normal annoyances like trying to park after getting stuck in unexpected traffic. You could be running late, and you shouldn’t have to waste that extra time. Riding with Preferred Limousine means you’d get dropped off exactly where you need to be. To take it one step further, Preferred Limousine has access to a flight tracking application that gives live updates to your departure time and gate. Therefore, you’ll know exactly where to go without wasting any time.

Another important aspect of airport travel these days is allotting time for TSA security checks. The best advice for expediting this process is to be prepared! Pack your carry-on bag in layers so that you can readily remove all liquids, technology, and identification. You’ll save loads of time for yourself, and the people in line behind you will thank you for a speedy check.

After you pass through security, check the flight screens again to make sure nothing big has changed. Airlines are known for strict schedules but can also experience delays. You don’t want to miss your flight, so head to your gate and check in with the attendants to get the most accurate information.

We hope you have a great time in NJ and NYC and have safe travels at LGA. You can count on Preferred Limousine to keep you safe during your airport limousine or car ride to NJ.

Airport car services for LaGuardia Airport are:

$170+gratuity for Monmouth County

$175+gratuity for Ocean County