Preferred Limousine and Car Service’s Guide to Selecting a Transportation Company

In a bustling place like the east coast, there are a myriad of transportation companies to choose from in the limousine, taxi, and car service world. From behemoth companies with hundreds of cars in their fleet to one- or two- car mom and pop outfits, from taxi companies and Uber drivers to shuttle services, how do you pick the best company that gives you the service you need at a price that works for you?

Here are three pointers to help you eliminate the industry noise and narrow down your choices to find the best options for you:

  • Where’s your destination, and how many people are in your group?
  • What are your service expectations?
  • Is safety a concern?

Where’s your destination, and how many people are in your group? Have a bachelorette party in style with a first class limo from Preferred Limousine in New Jersey.

For a wedding, prom, or night out on the town with several people, a stretch limousine, van or party bus will be your best options. A party bus will be the more expensive option. You may find it surprising that a stretch limousine can be very cost effective when compared to the “per head” cost of taking a van.

Are you just a party of one going to the airport? A car service or taxi service are your best options. You may be surprised again that a professionally chauffeured sedan gives taxis a competitive cost comparison. In many cases, taking a taxi can often cost more than a luxury sedan. While taxis are bright and yellow, that alone is just not a good enough reason to select that mode of transportation. Taking a professionally chauffeured sedan ensures an on-time arrival, more leg room, more amenities and a cleaner, safer trip to your destination.Preferred Limo hires professional chauffeurs for your best limo service in New Jersey.

What are your service expectations?

Do you prefer going first class or coach? Many of us have champagne taste but are on a beer budget. Taxis, shuttle vans and Uber drivers all offer coach class service (i.e. no amenities and no real interest in exceeding your expectations). Unfortunately these days, many limousine and car service companies don’t do much better. Many of the behemoth limo companies have sacrificed customer service for growth, and most mom and pop transportation outfits just don’t have the money or experience to offer high quality service and amenities while keeping prices affordable.

Ride in style when you ride with Preferred Limousine's car service in NJ and NYC.

The advice here is to look for a medium size, established limousine and car service company that wants to earn and keep your business. In your best interest, we recommend you select a company that only hires the most attentive drivers and offers a wide selection of vehicle types. Select a company that offers complimentary amenities such as bottled water, snacks, periodicals and even Wi-Fi connected tablets for viewing movies, TV shows and surfing the net. Even with the extra free amenities, the right luxury transportation company can offer very competitive rates so you really can travel in first class while paying a coach fare. It’s the best of both worlds!

Is safety a concern?

  • Of course it is. There’s no point in selecting a transportation company that can’t get you to your destination safely. Some things to look for to ensure you choose the best company include:
    Experienced, professional drivers who hold the proper state issued certifications and who have gone through background checks and passed defensive driving education classes. Taxi and shuttle van companies (and especially Uber drivers) typically do not meet all these criteria. Choosing a limousine and car service with a focus on selecting and training the best professionals will make a big difference, not only in your overall experience and on-time arrival, but also in your safety and in the safety of your loved ones.
  • Fully licensed, registered and insured. By law, taxi and limousine companies must meet several requirements such as licensed and registered in the state and municipalities of operation. In addition, they must carry millions of dollars of insurance to protect their passengers in case of an accident. It may surprise you that many small outfits ignore these requirements and that all Uber drivers are not licensed or registered by any governing body. Even more shocking is that if an Uber driver gets in an accident, their personal automobile insurance policy will not cover the driver or you as a passenger because driving for Uber violates the terms of their personal insurance policy. The results could be financially and medically devastating.
  • Rigorously maintained vehicles. Again, there is no point in selecting a transportation company that can’t get you safely to your destination. The last thing you need is to have the vehicle you’re traveling in break down on the way to the airport or to your wedding. The best limousine and car service companies are meticulous about their vehicles and ensure their fleet is routinely serviced and maintained from stem to stern.

Ultimately, we all want the greatest value for our dollar. When choosing a provider for our transportation needs, we all want top notch service, first class amenities, timeliness, and safety. Follow the above pointers to find the best limousine, sedan service or other transportation option that meets your specific needs.

About Preferred Limousine

Preferred Limousine and Car Service is a Top Rated Local® ground transportation company and the originator of the First Class Amenities concept. The company specializes in corporate travel, airport and cruise port transfers, weddings, proms, bachelor and bachelorette parties, concerts, sporting events and special occasions.