Driving somewhere on your own can be stressful, expensive and inefficient. Riding with a limo service in New Jersey and New York is just the opposite. Preferred Limo makes it our priority to get you to your destination as quickly as possible while still driving safely, and of course for a very affordable price. While your friends will show up to your summer outing at Jersey Shore in their own drab vehicles, you can ride with style and stress free.


Traffic in the city is seemingly unbearable. Driving in traffic is known to make people stressed due to the high quantity of cars, inability to get where you want in an efficient manner, and ultimately is a waste of gasoline. Riding in a stretch limo means saving your sanity. While you may still encounter the same traffic, at least you’ll have the luxury of doing other activities while our drivers take you to your destination. Take a nap, read a book or have some drinks. We promise to get you to your location. As NJ’s Top Rated Local® Limo Service, it’s our guarantee to ensure you have a first-class experience.

Moreover, when you and your friends take a ride with Preferred Limo, you are greatly impacting the world around you. First, the reduction of multiple cars traveling to the same location reduces the impact on the earth. Not to mention, it alleviates the traffic congestion. Ultimately, our first class limo service helps save the earth – isn’t that what’s most important?

Now – the best for last! All of our limo services include water, snacks, light reading materials and an iPad. Each of our services is very affordable, but rest assured that we do not sacrifice quality. There’s no chance you’ll be bored or broke when you’re riding with Preferred Limo.

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