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Preferred Limousine Offers the Very Best Cruise Port Transportation


Cruises invite passengers to travel in a way that both brings us back to our roots and shows our modern life. Traveling by ship was the fastest mode of transportation for many explorers and merchants for many, many years. Today, ships are still used to explore and to transport goods, but they are also used for tourism. This is a branch of exploration, but the cruises that launch out of Bayonne Cruise Pier and NY Cruise Pier have captains that know exactly where they’re going and how to get you there safely.

It’s our job, here at Preferred Limousine, to get you to your cruise pier safely. Cruises are luxurious, and so is riding with Preferred Limousine. Whether you choose to ride in a Lincoln Town Car, SUV or a Full Stretch Limousine, you’ll experience first-class amenities. While we transport you safely, you’ll be able to kick back and relax as you enjoy complimentary bottled water, snacks, and entertainment (like magazines and an iPad!). Preferred Limo offers car and limo services from NJ to NYC or Philadelphia, and vice versa. So if you’d like to enjoy a cruise vacation without worrying about leaving your car in the city for a week unattended, call Preferred Limousine. We’ll pick you up right at your front door and take you to the edge of the pier.

Likewise, if you aren’t quite interested in leaving on a boat for a week or more, Preferred Limo is happy to take you around on a city tour. We can stop at these cruise piers so you can marvel in the massive machinery and the great views of the water.

Cruise Port Car & Limo Services for Bayonne Cruise Piers are:

$145+gratuity for Ocean County

$140+gratuity for Monmouth County

Cruise Port Car & Limo Services for NYC Cruise Piers are:

$165+gratuity for Ocean County

$160+gratuity for Monmouth County