Summer has officially begun which means weddings are in full season! Congratulations to you and your spouse-to-be for getting one step closer to the best day of your lives. Now’s the time for crunch planning. During the last few days before the ceremony, family members and friends will travel from afar to see you at your beautiful wedding. While you spend the much needed time ensuring you have your vows written and elegant wear ready to go, your premier wedding limo service will take care of transporting you, your wedding party, and relatives around New Jersey.




We can pick up Great Aunt Martha from the airport and bring her right to the ceremony, her hotel or to some local sites if you need to keep her distracted until the ceremony starts. In a nice Lincoln town car, she can even ride with 3 others.




The last thing you’ll want to worry about on your big day is driving yourself to the wedding, to the reception and to the airport for your honeymoon. Riding with Preferred Limo means:

  • You don’t have to worry about watching the road when you really want to be making googly eyes at each other.
  • You and your wedding party can move as one unit to take photos around town.
  • If that’s too close for comfort, you and your spouse can rent an exclusive car and send your wedding party in the car behind you for some extra privacy.
  • You can enjoy some drinks at the reception.
  • Riding in a first class limo means your wedding is bumped up an extra classy level.
  • We’ll take you wherever you want to go at the end of your ceremony, and then we’ll make sure every guest has a safe, stress-free mode home.

So go on, enjoy your wedding day without stressing about transportation. A wedding limo is just the service you need here in New Jersey to take your day’s enjoyment to the next level.

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